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They call me Jake, Fergs, Ferge, Gee, Fergstrum, Mogwai, Qui Gon Jinn…the list goes on. Feel free to take your pick as long as it’s not Fergie-Ferg or Fergalicious.

I am currently a UX Designer working for Foot Locker Inc. in Wausau, WI. I studied Multimedia Design (now called Graphic Design & Interactive Media) at UW Stout where I focused on Interface Design, Interactive Design, & Web Development.

It doesn’t really matter if you call me a UX Designer, Problem Solver, or Storyteller. The truth is, I’m just a guy who tries to practice empathy, really dislikes complacency, and wants to see the world.

"Jake’s unique combination of development, design, and usability informs his UX analysis and recommendations, leading to insights that are enlightening on their own, and inspire and encourage further exploration. He not only possesses the ability to articulate the better path to the team, he knows how to do it beautifully on the front end, and elegantly behind the scenes. As a collaborator, he brings ideas and innovation, not ego, to the table, concentrates on what is important, and sets everyone at ease with his confident but respectful manner.

In my time knowing him and working with him, my opinion of and esteem for Jake as a team member, professional, and human being have only grown. Any organization should count themselves fortunate to have him, and any team will find themselves on more solid ground with him on board."

- J.J. De Roover · Director of Online Banking & Marketing Technology, Connexus Credit Union

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“The value that Jake brings to any design team starts with the diversity of his skill set. His experience with visual design, digital media, front-end development, and user-experience design allows him to not just play a multitude of roles, but also communicate effectively with his other team members.

However, even more valuable is Jake’s commitment to high-quality results. Jake has learned firsthand what it takes to produce excellent work, and is not content with anything less.”

– Robert Fraher · Associate Professor - Graphic Design & Interactive Media, University of Wisconsin-Stout

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