Mary's Moscow Mule Cup


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Project Description

Giving a Great Cause a Voice & a Face

In 2014, a group of friends that grew up playing hockey together decided to organize a men’s ice hockey tournament. This tournament, named Mary’s Moscow Mule Cup, was created as an event for Breast Cancer Awareness.

As the only team member with design and marketing experience, my role defaulted to cover the tournament branding, social media organization, and help with any ideas to increase tournament spectator engagement.

2016 Event Poster

2016 Event Brochure


Tournament organization & awareness

For those of you who haven’t experienced a typical men’s hockey tournament in Wisconsin, they can be described as anything from somewhat disorganized to nearly impossible to plan for. They are usually only heard about through word of mouth and don’t offer much for spectators other than a cold seat and standard concession stand food.

Challenge: How do you plan a small town hockey tournament that attracts a wide audience and is as fun and engaging for spectators as it is for tournament players alike?


Put new twists on old ideas

• Organize Raffle prizes from businesses of all sizes to increase event awareness and help engage spectators.

• Incorporate event ideas like food drives or unique a 50/50 raffle to help create a memorable experience everyone involved and contribute to the local community.

• Collaborate with beer distributors and local businesses to provide adult beverages, quality food, and a homemade brunch for all to enjoy.

• Make all event information easily found and shared via social media.

2015 50/50 Raffle Poster

2015 Food Drive Poster

The outcome & what I learned


For an event that was founded only a couple years beforehand, we were able to create a fun and complete experience that received nothing but positive feedback from everyone involved.

Being involved with this event taught me to appreciate the importance of project management and organization. Many of the skills necessary for event planning are transferrable to project management, and it is easy to neglect all the legwork it takes to drive an event or project over the finish line.

mary's moscow mule cup

Event page can be found on Facebook

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