UX Process

(User eXperience)

1. Strategy

2. Research

3. Design

4. Production

The Agile Scrum Process

User-Centric, Iterative Design

The steps and techniques below are used to create design solutions that align with what the target user wants and needs. By giving the user a voice and observing the user’s behaviors and tendencies, we are able to create an experience that is almost second nature to the user instead of allowing personal opinion to lead us down a less-intuitive path.

Thanks to the agile process, our design solutions can be released into the wild to be measured and analyzed in order to give us direction for the next iteration. We then repeat the steps below, as necessary, until we are satisfied. (Which, let’s be honest, is pretty much never the case) This phased approach is a tested and proven strategy for creating experiences that are most appropriate for our target user.

1. strategy

Prioritization · Stakeholder Meetings

2. research

A/B Testing · Analytics Review · Card Sorting · Click & Scroll Tracking
Competitive Analysis · Diary Study · Heuristic Review · Personas
Surveys · Tree Testing · Use Cases · User Testing - Comparative

3. Design

Collaborative Design / Visual Design · Interactive Prototyping
Sitemap · User Flow · User Testing · Wireframing

4. Production

Customer Feedback:
· Email Responses
· Analytics
· Survey Responses
· A/B Testing
· User Testing

Case Studies

Everything from A to Y (aka how we got to Z)

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